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Trustee Assignments

The Consolidated FGH Liquidating Trust (f.k.a., Friede Goldman Halter)
Liquidation Trustee

Dana Corporation — Claims Monitor/Creditor Representative

Desert Power Liquidating Trust — Liquidating Trustee

Global Crossing Liquidating Trust — Trustee & Estate Representative

KCMVNO, Inc. (f.k.a., Movida Communications) — Financial Advisor/Plan Administrator

The MAS Litigation Trust (f.k.a., Meridian Autotmotive Systems) — Litigation Trustee

NationsRent Unsecured Creditor’s Liquidating Trust — Liquidating Trustee

NM Holdings Corporation (f.k.a., Venture Holdings) — Sole Director of Wind-down Estate

The PSC Liquidating Trust (f.k.a., Pegasus Satellite Corporation) — Liquidating Trustee

The Portrait Liquidating Trust — Liquidating Trustee

TS-TMI, Inc. (f.k.a., Transtar Metals) — President/Wind-down Administrator

WCI Communities, Inc. Creditor Trust — Liquidating Trustee

Trust Advisory Committees

FOL Liquidating Trust (f.k.a., Fruit of the Loom) — Advisory Committee Member

OHC Liquidation Trust (f.k.a., Oakwood Homes Corporation)
Advisory Committee Member

SPC Litigation Trust (f.k.a., Scotia Pacific Company) — Member, Litigation Trust Board