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Scope of Services

The Trustee Services Group has undertaken a wide variety of tasks
required by the Debtors and Trusts that it has serviced, including:

  • Preparation of detailed cash and distribution forecasts;
  • Preparation of cash flow forecasts and budgets;
  • Preparation of operating plans;
  • Preparation and filing of tax reports;
  • Negotiation and sale of assets;
  • Interface with government agencies (UST,FCC, IRS, DOJ,DOL,SEC,etc);
  • Identification, prosecution and/or settlement of litigation claims;
  • Claims registry development and reconciliation;
  • Prosecution and settlement of duplicate, erroneous and other invalid claims;
  • Identification, prosecution and/or settlement of preference claims and actions;
  • Identification, prosecution and/or settlement of insurance claims;
  • Distribution to stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Defense of legal actions;
  • Resolution of warranty issues ;
  • Resolution of worker’s compensation and other employee related insurance claims;
  • Assume defense for employee related litigation claims (i.e., EDOC,OFCCP, etc);
  • Resolution of retirement benefit plans;
  • Resolution of SEC reporting items and delisting
  • Complete final audit;
  • Arrange records retention;
  • Wind down of employee benefit plans;
  • Provide regular reports to responsible parties regarding administration of the
    Debtor or Trust