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Focus,Value and Client Commitment


The Trustee Services Group provides (i) Debtors in need of a Trustee with capable management that is knowledgeable about a company’s needs in bankruptcy, and the requirements and obligations of the Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 process, and (ii) Post-Effective Date Trusts with an organization that is expert in, and focused on, the needs and obligations of Trusts following a bankruptcy proceeding. We act quickly and efficiently to address claims reconciliation, asset liquidation, preference recoveries and asset management to realize the highest recovery value for stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Value Proposition

The Trustee Services Group has administered Liquidation and Litigation Trusts since 2002 and knows how to quickly identify, organize and address the issues without big learning curves. Our experience results in lower administrative costs to the Debtor or Trust. The group is comprised of both financially and legally oriented managers and therefore is able to minimize the costs of outside professionals by narrowing and managing the tasks performed by retained professionals. Pricing options are flexible, with fixed fee, hourly fee and/or contingency fee pricing alternatives.

Client Commitment

We understand who our client is...the stakeholders of the Debtor and/or the beneficiaries of the Trust. These stakeholders and beneficiaries are relying on the Trustee to provide them with a recovery on their investments. We actively pursue all avenues of recovery and communicate regularly with the stakeholders and beneficiaries through a variety of means, including websites, press releases and published reports.