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Structure and Cost

Low Cost Overhead Structure

  • Pay For Only What Is Needed
    • Ocean Ridge maintains a small core staff that is utilized on an “as needed only” basis
      • – It is not necessary for us to keep large staff occupied
  • Structured To Utilize And Maximize Internal “Stay Team” Resources Of Estate
    (if available) To Reduce Costs To The Trust, Which Maximizes Recovery
    to the Beneficiaries
    • Internal “Stay Team” can provide discrete value-added resources and knowledge that can accelerate the recovery process and reduce third
      party costs
      • – The use of, or access to, former employees is beneficial to maximizing recovery to creditors
      • – Knowledge base that can be leveraged
      • – Reduces steepness of learning curve in respect of system access, payment pressures, background to litigation opportunities, residual asset details, etc.

Learning Curve Is Steep For New Players

    • Owing to timing pressures (statute of limitations, plan deadlines, sale deadlines, etc.), “fire drills” do arise and experience is critical to anticipating demands, avoiding mistakes and ensuring a smooth process
    • Ocean Ridge’s wide ranging industry experience as a Trustee AND its principal’s historical experience as an active investor, results in the ability of Ocean Ridge to anticipate the concerns and needs of the constituents