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Board of Directors

Companies having undergone financial and/or operational challenges need experienced people to help guide the company beyond the bad times. Oftentimes, this requires the formation of a new board of directors, with directors who can draw upon their vast wealth of knowledge and experiences and apply them to the current situation. The Principal of Ocean Ridge Capital Advisors has been called upon to serve as a director in a number of diverse situations, each requiring an ability to quickly assess the situation and particular needs of the company and implement change and effect growth.

Director Assignments

Advanced Fiberglass Yarn (private) — Manufacturer of fiberglass yarn;
Audit Committee Chairman

The Antioch Company (private) — Scrapbooking and photo memories company

Atari, Inc (public) — Video game developer and distribution company

CCLM Holdings (private) — Remediation & disaster recovery services, cell tower site acquisition, construction and repair services to the wireless carriers; Audit Committee Chairman

FLAG Telecom (public) — Terrestrial fiber optic company

Geo Specialty Chemicals (private) — Manufacturer and distributor of
specialty chemical products; Audit Committee Chairman

Impact Services (private) — Radioactive waste processing and testing company

Medicor (private) — Manufacturer, marketer and distributor of medical implant devices

Norwood Promotional Products (private) — Supplier of promotional products

O-Cedar Brands (private) — Consumer products

Petrojack IV Pte Ltd (private) — Offshore jack up rig owner; Chairman

Refco (public) — International securities and commodities trade processing company

Remedial Offshore (private) — Offshore specialty elevating support vessel owner

SeaCo Ltd. (private) — Container leasing company; Chairman

SunCruz Casinos (private) — Day cruise gaming ships; Chairman

TeleSpectrum Worldwide (private/public) — Telemarketing services company;
Audit Committee Chairman

Winthrop Realty Trust (public) — Real estate investment trust